Hathras, PC


State : Uttar Pradesh 
Constituency : Hathras
Party : Bharatiya Janata Party 
Nature of membership : Elected
Start Of Term : 18-May-14
End Of Term : In office
No. of Term : First
Standing Committee Membership : Labour
Age : 47
Gender : Male
Education : Graduate
Education Detail : Graduate

Session Attendance
Budget Session 2018 97%
Winter Session 2017 100%
Monsoon Session 2017 100%
Budget Session 2017 97%
Winter Session 2016 100%
Monsoon Session 2016 100%
Budget Session 2016 P.2 92%
Budget Session 2016 P.1 100%
Winter Session 2015 100%
Monsoon Session 2015 100%
Budget Session 2015 100%
Winter Session 2014 100%
Budget Session 2014 100%
First Session 100%
Date Debate title/ Bill name Debate type
The Employee's Compensation (Amendment) Bill, 2016
Government Bills
Need to check contamination of ground water caused by industrial effluents and other pollutants in Hathras parliamentary constituency, Uttar Pradesh
LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
Need to construct a railway over bridge at Hathras city station and toilets in trains
Special Mention
Need to provide financial assistance to farmers distressed due to damage to their crops on account of unseasonal rains and hailstorms in Hathras Parliamentary Constituency, Uttar Pradesh
LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
Need to give compensation to the farmers under national calamity for loss of crops due to heavy rain in Rajasthan
Special Mention
Regarding need to provide relief to farmers who lost their crops due to natural calamities in the country
Submissions by Members

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