Gonda, PC


State : Uttar Pradesh 
Constituency : Gonda
Party : Bharatiya Janata Party 
Nature of membership : Elected
Start Of Term : 18-May-14
End Of Term : In office
No. of Term : Third
Standing Committee Membership : Chemicals & Fertilizers and Science & Technology, Environment & Forests
Age : 52
Gender : Male
Education : Post Graduate
Education Detail : M.Sc. (Geology) Educated at Lucknow University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Session Attendance
Budget Session 2018 66%
Winter Session 2017 85%
Monsoon Session 2017 89%
Budget Session 2017 72%
Winter Session 2016 71%
Monsoon Session 2016 95%
Budget Session 2016 P.2 85%
Budget Session 2016 P.1 69%
Winter Session 2015 60%
Monsoon Session 2015 71%
Budget Session 2015 89%
Winter Session 2014 68%
Budget Session 2014 81%
First Session 67%
Date Debate title/ Bill name Debate type
Need to provide stoppage of Gorakhdham Express (train no. 12555/12556) at Mankapur railway junction in Uttar Pradesh
LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
Increase the salaries of Shiksha Preraks
Special Mention
Regarding alleged gangrape in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh
Special Mention
Need to provide civic amenities as well as government welfare schemes to forest dwellers in Gonda parliamentary constituency, Uttar Pradesh
LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
Regarding need to increase MPLAD fund
Special Mention
Request to run Lukhnow-Barabanki Memo Train till Gonda in Uttar Pradesh
Special Mention
Need to clear the arrears of sugarcane farmers by sugar mills in Gonda Parliamentary Constituency, Uttar Pradesh
LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
Need to expedite electrification of villages under Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran scheme in Gonda Parliamentary Constituency, Uttar Pradesh
LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
Regarding need to construct a committee to give the benefits of welfare schemes to the actual poor people
Special Mention
Need to re-construct Mankapur-Babhnan road leading to Bhagwan Swami Narayan Temple, Chhapia, in Uttar Pradesh under C.R.F
LS - Matters under (Rule-377)
(I) The Budget (Railways) – 2014-15 (II) Demands for Excess Grants (Railways) – 2011-12
Budget (Railways)

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